Dan Kerimdzhanov
  • UMAI Payment Receiver API

    published 0.0.2 8 years ago
  • Event-oriented financial transactions processing mechanism for Node.js/PostgreSQL.

    published 0.0.0 8 years ago
  • Kue job/process stub/mock helpers for testing purposes

    published 0.3.0 6 years ago
  • Event Dispatcher Concept for Electron Apps

    published 0.1.0 7 years ago
  • Transparently add the HTTP request ability to your redux actions.

    published 2.0.0-rc.1 5 years ago
  • Loads environment variables from `.env.[development|test|production][.local]` files

    published 4.1.0 7 months ago
  • A webpack plugin that allows you to securely use environment variables within your javascript web application, loading them using dotenv-flow's `.env*` files loading strategy.

    published 2.0.0 10 months ago
  • dotenv-flow-webpack playground project (using webpack 5)

    published 0.1.0 10 months ago
  • This is an example/playground project to try out **[dotenv-flow](**.

    published 1.0.0 10 months ago