9 Packages by kenpowers

  • basejs Simple class-based inheritance for JavaScript (based on Dean Edwards' Base.js).
  • clockcache An easy to use caching mechanism based on the clock cache algorithm.
  • connect-static-trans... A connect middleware which allows transformation of static files before serving them.
  • dirutils Adds pushdir, popdir, and dirs methods to node's process object.
  • falafelify A browserify transform which lets you run your JavaScript files through falafel.
  • gulp-cheerio Manipulate HTML and XML files with Cheerio in Gulp.
  • gulp-spawn-mocha Runs Mocha as a child process.
  • nws Launch a node-powered static web server in the current working directory.
  • polymorphism Attaches a non-enumerable `extend` function to `Function.prototype`.