12 Packages by jrnewell

  • crypto-aes-ctr Alternative wrapper around OpenSSL's AES_ctr128_encrypt API
  • crypto-pass A utility to create, store and retrieve salted PBKDF2-genereated passwords on a local machine
  • easy-zip2 A fork of npm module easy-zip
  • goog-webfont-dl A utility to download google webfonts to your local machine
  • gulp-min-map gulp plugin for CSS/JS minification mapping using HTML5 data attributes
  • jmate A nodejs port of rmate
  • json-router An alternative mobile-focused router/rpc middleware that uses the JSON body instead of URL slugs to route requests
  • on-err A callback wrapper library that reduces the number of checks needed to propagate errors up the callback chain
  • quick-directory A productivity utility to quickly change directories
  • quick-repl An extension of the node repl that includes history and a callback logger and utility
  • server-watcher A simple utility to recompile and respawn servers on file changes
  • simple-http-share A simple utility to quickly share or receive files from a directory to other machines over the LAN using HTTP