12 Packages by jollyscience

  • josi The Jolly Science bot, based on Hubot. Her name is JoSi.
  • josi-access This is a framework for connecting all of your robot's various API's, adapters, and environments. This is where you handle all of your per-application authentication and control. These modules depend heavily on environment variables, and will need to evolve to account for easier management over time.
  • josi-admin All of the tools necessary for administering hubot via the adapter interface (HipChat, IRC…) are managed in this package.
  • josi-auth This is where you manage any scripts that require per-user authentication in any way.
  • josi-aware This is the overall event management system, where you manage all namespaced events, and handle things like server monitoring, repo sync, and emergency / warning protocols.
  • josi-memory This is where you organize and manage all of your robot's short and long-term memory. Whatever storage and backup plans you have for Hubot are managed here, as are any memory Models, for more complex applications.
  • josi-plan Need a robot secretary? josi-plan is the manager for all things scheduling, planning, and decision-making.
  • josi-routes This is where all of your robot's http activity is managed. Your team can endlessly-extend http connectors to your Hubot's available processes and commands in these simple packages.
  • josi-seek This is how your Hubot connects to the public internet (think: **no auth**). You can configure your preferred sources, and easily test and adapt new sources as you discover them.
  • josi-speech Natural language is a crucial part of the value and adoption of your JoSi by your team. Manage her standard responses, diction, and language here.
  • josi-state When your JoSi is aware of his current state, he can report on changes to that state in any way. This is the framework for handling all your JoSi's various states, and the processes you want implemented for each change.
  • josi-team Everyone wants to have a little fun with a robot every now and then. josi-team is where you manage all of your team-building, social interactions.