13 Packages by jmreidy

  • fluxy [![Build Status](]( #Fluxy
  • grunt-browserify Grunt task for node-browserify
  • grunt-mocha-webdrive... Grunt task to run Mocha tests against PhantomJS or Saucelabs
  • react-combobox A ARIA compliant React combobox component
  • react-foundation Zurb Foundation as React components
  • sauce-tunnel A wrapper around the Sauce Labs tunnel jar
  • voltron-di A dependency injection container for server-side apps.
  • voltron-hooks A helper package for adding lifecycle hooks before or after method calls on an object.
  • voltron-migrator Generate, execute, and roll back SQL migrations.
  • voltron-model A server/client agnostic wrapper for your models. No finders, no data accessors, just some meta-organization. Plug-and-playable with other Voltron components.
  • voltron-mongo-adapte... A mongodb data adapter plugin for VoltronModels
  • voltron-postgres-ada... Node.js POstgres adapter, a component
  • vows-bdd A BDD wrapper for Vows, allowing for easy writing of tests in a given-when-then format