11 Packages starred by jmav

  • grunt-config Easy way to define specific target configuration.
  • grunt-contrib-i18nex... Bundle language resource files for i18next.
  • grunt-contrib-symlin... Create symbolic links.
  • grunt-dom-munger Read and manipulate HTML with CSS selectors. Ex. read <script> tags from your html. Remove nodes, add nodes, and more.
  • grunt-env Specify an ENV configuration for future tasks in the chain
  • grunt-environment Add environment-centric logic to your Grunt builds
  • grunt-file-blocks A Grunt task that prepares an HTML, JavaScript or Typescript file by inserting or removing tags into marked blocks for each file that matches a source pattern.
  • grunt-less-themes Compile multiple themed LESS files to CSS.
  • grunt-preprocess Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration
  • grunt-processhtml Process html files at build time to modify them depending on the release environment
  • grunt-usemin Replaces references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets into a set of HTML files (or any templates/views).