Juan Jose Capellan

Packages 7

  • Phaser 3 class for recognition of shapes.

    published 1.2.0 3 years ago
  • Class for Phaser 3 framework, adding the capacity of scrolling by dragging or using the mouse wheel

    published 2.1.0 a year ago
  • Class to use with Phaser 3 to show numbers in an analog counter display

    published 1.0.0 3 years ago
  • Creates bitmapfonts in Phaser3 at runtime, using available browser fonts

    published 1.1.1 4 months ago
  • Minimal and easy to use wrapper for IndexedDB

    published 0.2.1 a year ago
  • Light and simple css minifier

    published 0.1.0 6 months ago
  • Pathfinding based on jump point search (JPS) algorithm.

    published 0.7.0 5 months ago