10 Packages by jgrund

  • configulator Handles building a config object based on the environment in which the program is running and allows you to override config properties by passing arguments over the command line.
  • grunt-coverjs Grunt task to instrument JavaScript files.
  • grunt-eco-amd Compiles Eco Templates with an AMD wrapper.
  • grunt-primus Reads the url to primus.js and saves it to a local file.
  • jasmine-n-matchers A set of matchers to assert a spy was called n times
  • jasmine-node-chum DOM-less simple JavaScript BDD testing framework for Node
  • jasmine-object-conta... A simple matcher that wraps jasmine.objectContaining
  • minijasminenodewrap Wraps minijasminenode to allow globbing from options and the CLI
  • request-then A mashup of request with then/promise
  • tree-climber Traverses a JavaScript tree like structure. Calls a callback when visiting each node with the key, value, and current tree path.