18 Packages by jedi4ever

  • bashpack packs a nodejs project into a single bash file
  • bluebox A node library to use the Bluebox Group API
  • bonkers A distributed load test framework using Amazon EC2 instances
  • chef-command constructs the correct chef-client/chef-solo command and json file
  • chrome-pagecheck Simple way to check webpage for errors in google Chrome
  • cloudrunner Run commands based on your cloud
  • gars scrapes google Realtime information and pushes it to your metrics system. (using Casperjs)
  • giraffe-web Giraffe dashboard for Graphite wrapped in a webserver
  • glesys A node library to use the Glesys API
  • grunt-bashpack Grunt plugin to create bashpacks
  • hashmerge no mutable deep hash merge, usefull for configuration hashes
  • node-fetcher downloads the node binary from joyent
  • nwebby Webby Clone
  • phantom-check Use phantomjs to check your page for js errors, brokenlinks
  • skillstester-parser Parser for skillstester (markdown) challenges
  • sudofy allows you to turn a command into a sudo command
  • test-sshd launch a test sshd that can be used to test against
  • ttyrec Native javascript Ttyrec file encoder/decoder using streams