Jordan Dziat

  • A Nodejs module that allows you to parse connection strings/objects in a consistent way.

    published 1.3.4 4 years ago
  • <p align="center"> <a href="https://standardjs.com"><img src="https://img.shields.io/badge/code_style-standard-brightgreen.svg" alt="Standard - JavaScript Style Guide"></a> </p> A wrapper around the terraform cli. Currently implemented the init, apply a

    published 1.0.7 5 years ago
  • This package allows you to easily extend a table while you are developing it without requiring you to drop tables.

    published 1.5.1 3 years ago
  • Get your npm user profile easily.

    published 1.0.2 5 years ago
  • REST API wrapper for hashicorp vault

    published 1.0.1 3 years ago