14 Packages by huyinghuan

  • coal Mysql ORM base on knexjs
  • fastjsonweb A simple Framework is similar to struts2
  • fuck-win-service Base on nssm.exe Regiter windows service by bat
  • grunt-mysql-backup backup or recover mysql
  • klyg-file2head A Grunt-plugin,find .js or .css file add to html tag
  • klyg-zipfolder A Grunt-plugin,zip folder after build
  • log4slow log to file or console, support .log or .html
  • path-judge judge the path is absolute path or relative path
  • sload sload --> slow-load, packaging require function
  • slow-cli a web javascript framework
  • slow-data Generated anolog data by schema
  • thumbnail-psd thumbnail for psd and other images
  • water-pit ------ 水沟, 基于express 4.x的 Restful路由映射
  • wego weixin api.微信接口的api实现