17 Packages by hugowetterberg

  • bhulk Batch request handling plugin for hapi
  • blcdn Bloglovin CDN client
  • bletcd A minimalistic etcd client
  • bronto Bully for redis
  • decms-client DeCMS client
  • etcd-load Etcd data dump tool
  • hale Healthcheck plugin for hapi
  • huwsettings Simple settings parser
  • letatlin A library for configuring your application through etcd
  • lintlovin The upholder of Bloglovin standards
  • matchup Fast matching of questionnaire answers against candidates
  • obpath.js Resolves path expressions against objects
  • permuter A library for creating conditional permutations
  • signing_auth Simple request signing authentication inspired by OAuth but greatly simplified. Useful when you need simple authentication of POST request between the server and client.
  • squiggle Query builder for use with mysql & mysql2
  • timplan JSONSchema validation for hapi
  • xml-object Direct object to XML serialization