Packages 5

  • Homebridge plugin for SmartRent installations

    published 1.1.0 a year ago
  • Render @hpcreery/tracespace-plotter image trees as SVGs.

    published 5.0.0-alpha.20 4 months ago
  • Plot @hpcreery/tracespace-parser ASTs into image trees.

    published 5.0.0-alpha.21 4 months ago
  • Parse Gerber/drill files into abstract syntax trees.

    published 5.0.0-alpha.20 4 months ago
  • A highly configurable viewport/2D camera designed to work with pixi.js. Features include dragging, pinch-to-zoom, mouse wheel zooming, decelerated dragging, follow target, snap to point, snap to zoom, clamping, bouncing on edges, and move on mouse edges.

    published 5.0.2 5 months ago