13 Packages by gyllstromk

  • async-spy Asynchronous function spying for tests.
  • cloudfoundry-client Cloudfoundry client
  • fiforce Ensure FIFO ordering of asynchronous calls
  • findandbind Find and bind to free port in restify/express/connect.
  • grunt-bowerful Specify bower packages directly in grunt file.
  • grunt-emberify Precompile handlebars templates and concatenate all Ember files.
  • grunt-handlebars-js Precompile handlebars templates.
  • ifthen Facilitate if-then-else-finally structure in asynchronous callbacks
  • karma-preprocessor-p... Karma preprocessor that downloads JS files from <script> tags from html
  • q-flow Flow control (loops, arrays, etc) with promises and Q.
  • q-plus-plus Flow control (loops, arrays, etc) with promises and Q.
  • spotify.js Spotify search for the browser and node.
  • xrange xrange function for easy numeric iteration