13 Packages by esnunes

  • download-torrent command line interface to download torrents based on magnet uri
  • eztv-search command line interface to eztv api
  • imagina Imagina - node.js image library wrapper of ImageMagick
  • imagina-middleware Express middleware to dynamically resize images based on Imagina Library
  • mar MAR - Message & Reply, is a RPC library based on message exchange.
  • oauthserver-mongoose oauthserver mongoose-based model
  • os-download command line interface to the open subtitles database
  • react-router-express React Router Express Location - Server Side Rendering (isomorphic)
  • riotjs-loader riotjs module loader for webpack
  • stream-atv command line interface to streaming video (including subtitles) to apple tv
  • swig-component swig tag to enable component-based web development
  • valida Valida - A lightweight sanitizer and validator library for Node.js
  • yts-search command line interface to the movies database yts