4 Packages by dojofoundation

  • persevere-example-wi... This is an example Wiki built with Persevere 2.0. It is recommended that you install this package with NPM, so that all dependencies will be automatically resolved:
  • perstore Perstore is a cross-platform JavaScript object store interface for mapping persistent objects to various different storage mediums using an interface based on W3C's [IndexedDB object store API]( and analogous to the HTTP REST interface. Perstore includes JavaScript object-relational mapping for SQL databases, JSON file storage, and hopefully support for many other object/document style storage systems that provide more direct object storage. Perstore provides model classes that wrap data stores, and supports JSON Schema integrity enforcement, link management, and prototype construction. Perstore also provides faceted access to models for an object-capability based security model.
  • pintura JSGI-based RESTful JSON/JavaScript server
  • templify A simple template system originally based on zparse