12 Packages by deestan

  • disposable-redis Automated creation and shutdown of redis server, intended for test scripts.
  • heapdumper Require this module to trigger heap dumps on USR2.
  • logginator Creates an instance of TaggedLogger
  • nag Retry/poll mechanism with backoff support and some handy defaults.
  • node-aptoma-plugin-a... Node version of no.aptoma.plugin-api's example auth module.
  • png-stash Light steganography tool for hiding data in a PNG file.
  • png-stash-mux Hide data in the least significant bits of PNGs. Takes an arbitrary set of PNGs and presents a mutable single sequence of bytes.
  • prng-well1024a Random number generator based on WELL-1024a algorithm.
  • randy Random utilities based on WELL-1024a PRNG.
  • roat Continuous integration server
  • set-clustering Tool for grouping objects by similarity.
  • srt2vtt Encoding-aware .srt (SubRip Text) to .vtt (WebVTT) converter.