14 Packages by bsgbryan

  • adama Wrapper for interacting with MotherBrain
  • bsgbryan-link A redis wrapper
  • bsgryan-link A redis wrapper
  • buffie A module to wrap http response buffering in a promise for fun and profit
  • fetch_articles Fetch all articles from an RSS feed
  • instrumentor A simple way to wrap modules that expose their functionality via promises in additional behavior
  • magnus javascript wrapper for AlchemyAPI ReST services
  • numberator Convert a string to a number
  • promise-dispatcher A simple way to handle messages via modules that expose their funcionality as promises
  • promise-settings Get and set settings
  • pyro A dsl for Firebase
  • really_cool_mod Realyl cool!
  • rnzlr A profiling tool
  • sheesh Generating an sha1 hash from a string couldn't get any any easier

1 Package starred by bsgbryan

  • pm2 Production process manager for Node.JS applications with a built-in load balancer.