12 Packages by beaucoo

  • connect-mongodb-simp... Simplified mongodb session store for connect. 1. Leaves the db connection logic to the native mongo driver including write level concerns. 2. Requires a very low number of dependencies meaning it is easily kept up to date (node-mongodb-native 2.x & Connect 2.x). 3. Easy modification of session enabling annotation for use by orthogonal concerns
  • enrich-stream A stream that enables asynchronous enrichment of data with concurrency control while preserving FIFO ordering.
  • filter-out-stream A stream that filters out data, or updates it, optionally to a limit kept, optionally consuming as much as possible past limit until another to keep is encountered.
  • ironio-worker-data-r... Read config or payload files in an worker
  • json-must-eql A must.js assertion helper that uses difflet to output exactly where actual and expected JSONs are not eql
  • limit-stream A stream that truncates to a limit
  • mandrill-redirect Redirect emails declared in Mandrill template data to a single developer's/QA's email. Useful during development and testing. E.g. Given two recipients, and a redirect email of the resulting recipients will be and
  • mongodb-extensions Friendly collection extensions to the native mongodb native driver. Inspired by MongoSkin minus the kitchen sink.
  • page-api-to-stream Consume any pageable API and convert it to a stream
  • process-done Convenient done handler that exits a process properly. Use with worker processes like for @
  • stream-to-lookup Stream JSON data and pivot it into a lookup format i.e. associative array
  • stream-to-queue A read/write stream that wraps an async.queue to easily queue up tasks.