Simon Blackwell

  • A simple, standardized means of creating reliable chained before and after methods on Javascript object properties for validation, security, functional reactive programming, and more.

    published 0.0.91 9 years ago
  • An extensible, garbage collecting Javascript string formatter that supports objects, currency, date/time, decimals, and more ... goes far beyond sprintf approach

    published 0.1.3 8 years ago
  • Extends Javascript Promises to support timeouts with default resolutions, state checking and the ability to relieve Promises of the responsibility to complete

    published 0.0.83 9 years ago
  • JOQULAR (JavaScript Object Query Language Representation) for JSON data matching, transformation, validation and extraction

    published 2.0.4-b 5 years ago
  • A Proxy Based Implementation Of Object.observe plus Object.deepObserve

    published 0.0.21 7 years ago
  • An Object.observe based ES6 Proxy polyfill for Chrome

    published 0.0.9 8 years ago
  • A generic function definition and dispatch library for Javascript

    published 0.0.6 8 years ago
  • Javascript library for managing and comparing Time, Duration, TimeSpan objects in manners similar to Date

    published 0.1.4 8 years ago
  • Event handling framework for changes to nested Javascript objects. A NOM is similar to a DOM for non-UI data.

    published 0.0.7 8 years ago
  • Javascript Object Validation Interception Augmentation Library

    published 0.0.27 8 years ago
  • An Express addin to export node modules to the client and a supporting CommonJS browser require

    published 0.0.10 8 years ago
  • Javascript Object Extensions

    published 0.2.0 8 years ago
  • A NodeJS library for 'decyling' and 'recycling' cyclic Javascript objects. It can also be used for replacing all object references with ids so that layzy loading and streaming can be implemented.

    published 0.0.7 8 years ago
  • A browser and NodeJS library for 'decyling' and 'recycling' cyclic Javascript objects.

    published 0.1.2 8 years ago
  • Automatic relation management for JavaScript objects

    published 0.0.3 8 years ago
  • A light weight, fast, expressive forward chaining business rule engine leveraging JavaScript internals, lazy cross-products, and Functions as objects rather than Rete.

    published 0.1.14 6 years ago
  • Cartesian cross-product as a first class object

    published 2.1.4 7 months ago
  • Generalized JavaScript class for enhancing other classes using Proxy.

    published 0.0.4 7 years ago
  • Enhances JavaScript classes so that the class and instances can be secured for read (get), write (set), execute (apply) using a security schema and credentials supplier

    published 0.0.3 7 years ago
  • Adds the ability to have declarative computed fields on JavaScript objects

    published 0.0.1 7 years ago
  • Enhances JavaScript constructors to automatically provide unique keys for all generated instances and automatically provides JSON restore capability based on the key.

    published 0.0.9 7 years ago
  • Adds the ability for classes to act as factories, data sinks, data sources, and compute engines in a browsers or on a server across a network using web sockets.

    published 0.0.1 7 years ago
  • Adds validation capability to JavaScript objects using schema represented as JSON.

    published 0.0.4 7 years ago
  • A super-fast memoizer that handle primitives, objects and classes as arguments. As fast as lodash and moize. Less than 1K when minified and gzipped.

    published 1.1.8 7 years ago
  • High speed indexing and search of JavaScript objects

    published 0.0.12 7 years ago
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