Alex Hall

  • Data-Mapper ORM for TypeScript, ES7, ES6, ES5. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB databases.

    published 0.2.16 5 years ago
  • This library consists of modern and useful reusable components for React based BusinessOptics apps. It works best with apps that have been built using create-react-app version 2+. It consists of three primary sections:

    published 0.11.4 4 years ago
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings

    published 5.1.4-grist.8 a year ago
  • Client-side library for Basket, a standalone data storage and integration solution

    published 1.0.0 5 years ago
  • SQLite3 session store for Connect

    published 0.9.11-grist.5 a year ago
  • Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID

    published 2.0.17 4 years ago
  • Simple session middleware for Express

    published 1.17.0 4 years ago
  • Synchronous communication between the main browser thread and web workers

    published 0.0.12 5 months ago
  • A utility package for guessing date's format

    published 1.3.1 2 years ago
  • A utility package for guessing date's format

    published 1.2.4-grist.1 2 years ago
  • [![GitHub license](]( [![Tests](](

    published 0.0.9 5 months ago
  • [![GitHub license](]( [![Tests](

    published 1.3.4 3 months ago
  • A repository of grist custom widgets that have no back-end requirements.

    published 0.0.4 3 months ago