10 Packages by alexanderscott

  • deploy-hook Lightweight Node.JS deployer to be used with Bitbucket or Github POST service hooks
  • googlemusic API wrapper for Google Music webservices in Node.js
  • iconerator Generate all app market icons from a single input image (iOS + Android)
  • mirror-api-client Google Mirror API client for managing Glass timeline items, contacts, and subscriptions.
  • musicmetric API wrapper for MusicMetric webservices in node.js
  • node-boilerplate Boilerplate node.js project generator
  • punctual Redis-backed task queue for delayed job processing.
  • simple-udp-test Simple UDP client and server components for testing transmission
  • tictactoe Tic-tac-toe via nodejs readline
  • zanalyze Print basic stats from a Redis ZSET