15 Packages starred by agilediagnosis

  • bight inject and compose through streams into a pipeline
  • chai-interface chai assertions about an object's interface
  • connective combine predicate (bool returning) functions with propositional logic connectives (and, or, not)
  • connective-promise boolean (true/false) and first order (some/every) logic with promises
  • cut Aspect-oriented (AOP) helper for sync or async code
  • docrules pattern matching declarative assertion framework for documents
  • fxjs The tiny animation library - high performance, works with everthing from iOS to IE6, and dependency free. For applications where you need a lot of animation functionality without a lot of footprint.
  • like build a regex from user input for filtering data
  • logica a compile-to-javascript predicate logic language
  • objectid mongodb objectid utilities
  • prometido promise helpers (wip)
  • radial-index compute radial order indices from unordered Cartesian coordinates relative to the origin or a specified point
  • refcount count things on an observable stack
  • sawtooth data access pattern for tiered-locality data access
  • tracery an object structure predicate builder (make functions to test an object's structure)