14 Packages by agebrock

  • agebrock My personal node module.
  • aspect dojo aspect function
  • declare dojo 1.7 based oop utils
  • dojo-node dojo on the other side
  • dominode DOM in Node.js
  • etc-hosts Adds a js controlled section to your etc/hosts file. Common usecase is to autosetup some hostnames in situations a DNS does not fit.
  • extjs-node ExtJS framework
  • git-modules git-modules is a multi scoped npm-repository based on a single git repository.
  • hagi can't tell right now..
  • homie cli for your favorite libs
  • lazyemitter record events, play them later
  • reggae chilled object registry
  • starkjs-underscore underscore extensions
  • tunnel-ssh Easy extendable SSH tunnel