8 Packages by VanCoding

  • ace-browserify A wrapper around ajaxorg/ace to use it with browserify
  • ancillary a library for node.js that allows you to send sockets to other processes
  • ancillary-http A library that allows you to move incoming http request to other, unrelated processes using the module 'ancillary'
  • define.js An asynchronous javascript module system for multiple platforms including node.js and the browser!
  • domlib.js A lightweight DOM library for creating nested DOM structures, based on the node event emitter
  • envui.js An Adobe-style UI-library for building user interfaces like in photoshop, fireworks, visual studio etc.
  • http.js A small http parsing library
  • weakmap.js A map that holds weak references to its values and automatially removes garbage collected key-value-pairs