11 Packages by OhMeadhbh

  • kaeng A simplified wrapper around nodejitsu's http-proxy
  • node-slip RFC 1055 compliant SLIP packet parsing and generation.
  • node-wiringpi Node bindings for libwiringPi
  • nodify-app Simple framework for connect.js & express.js apps
  • nodify-approute Connect middleware for connecting JSON app calls to js objects.
  • nodify-logger Simple logger inspired by the VMS Message facility.
  • nodify-mysql Dirt simple DAO for mysql.
  • nodify-persist Persistence module for mysql & mongo.
  • nodify-rest Simple REST routing middleware for connect or express.
  • nodify-uuid RFC4122 Compliant UUIDs for node & HTML5 browsers w/ real entropy & hash functions
  • nodify-webcap Simple web capability and endpoint management.