10 Packages by 4dr144n

  • node-aws-cli AWS CLI in Node.js
  • node-aws-kinesis-str... Shard-agnostic highland stream from a Kinesis stream
  • node-aws-lambda-depl... Deploy Lambda function(s) to AWS
  • node-aws-lambda-log Get latest updates logstream for an AWS Lambda function from CloudWatch, and display all the Events in the Stream
  • object-walker Walk Objects like an Acrobat
  • rapidapi A schema-less API, which lets storing & retrieving your stuff get out of your way
  • semantic-switch A semantic replacement for the switch statement
  • tm-log Very simplistic wrapper for log4js
  • tm-sqs Simple wrapper for AWS sqs API
  • tm-uniqid Calculate TM Unique ID from sourceId and articleId, using the cantor function: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantor_function