11 Packages by 11rcombs

  • booru-xterm256 View images from boorus in your terminal
  • chyron Bidirectional communication with Chyron III-compatible devices
  • CLI-UI A command-line based user interface library for node.js
  • highschoolcube HighSchoolCube API Client
  • mpv Control of mpv media player
  • NFO-Generator Generates an NFO for a video file
  • nttpd A directory-based HTTP server for Node.js that executes Node files automatically
  • plm Event-rich bidirectional communication with INSTEON PowerLinc modems
  • random A Random.org client
  • split_er Split_er is a javascript object that provides functionality similar to that of the String.split() method, with some enhancements.
  • tricaster Bidirectional communication with the NewTek Tricaster