Security & compliance

Build fast, build safe.

The average JavaScript application contains over 2000 packages. A security breach can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and erode public trust. With npm security tools, you can prevent one.

Security Expertise
Private Registry

We are the leaders in JavaScript security

npm has an industry-leading team of JavaScript security experts. Our database is the primary source for package vulnerability data. When someone else promises real-time security alerts, they’re probably getting them from us.

Private registries

npm Enterprise offers a single-tenant private registry that protects your data and isolates you from attacks that target the public registry. With your own dedicated deployment in the cloud, sensitive package data is isolated and encrypted.

Enterprise security features

  • Single sign-on:
    • Easily control access to your company’s private registry with industry-standard SSO authentication.
  • Two-factor authentication:
    • Protect your registry from brute-force attacks, weak passwords, and bad security hygiene.
  • Secure build tokens:
    • Allow third-party systems, such as CI/CD pipelines, to securely interface with your registry.

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