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  • ampersandfyockm

    CLI tool for generating single page apps a. la.

    v 3.0.6

  • ampersand-viewcdaringe

    A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.

    v 10.0.1

  • ampersand-modellukekarrys

    An extension to ampersand-state that adds methods and properties for working with a RESTful API.

    v 8.0.0

  • ampersand-eventslukekarrys

    Module that can be mixed into any object to provide eventing. Heavily based on Backbone Events.

    v 2.0.2

  • ampersand-class-extendlukekarrys

    JS class extension tool for enabling easily extending prototype with multiple objects.

    v 2.0.0

  • ampersand-collection-viewfyockm

    Renders a collection with one view per model within an element in a way that cleans up and unbinds all views when removed.

    v 2.0.2

  • ampersand-synclukekarrys

    Provides sync behavior for updating data from ampersand models and collections to the server.

    v 5.0.0

  • ampersand-routerlukekarrys

    Clientside router with fallbacks for browsers that don't support pushState. Mostly lifted from Backbone.js.

    v 4.0.0

  • ampersand-select-viewgar

    A view module for intelligently rendering and validating selectbox input. Works well with ampersand-form-view.

    v 8.0.0

  • ampersand-domgar

    Super light-weight DOM manipulation lib.

    v 1.5.0

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