13 Packages by xcambar

  • classroom A Ruby-like implementation for ES5
  • clouseau-js Follows the execution of a page/an app by expecting messages (sent via `alert()`) by running it in PhantomJS.
  • coveralls.io Posts your coverage reports to coveralls.io. Optimized for TravisCI, Codeship.io and local builds
  • ember-data-faker-ada... An Ember-data adapter that uses Faker.js to generate fixtures
  • fs2json Translates a filesystem directory structure into a JSON object
  • grunt-hull-component... A grunt task to build hull components.
  • grunt-hull-widgets A grunt task to compile your Hull.io widgets
  • grunt-init-hull A grunt-init plugin to bootstrap a Hull.io project
  • halbert a HAL (Hypertext Application Language) parser
  • huggybear On demand, persistent and unobstrusive dependencies
  • hull A Node.js client for hull.io APIs
  • koi Uploads file to a certain dir, Displays FS from another, allows to download files
  • pileple The Novapost frontend stack