16 Packages by webpro

  • benchrunner Benchmark Suite Runner for benchmark.js
  • browserify-versionif... Browserify transform to replace placeholder with package version
  • component-styleguide Simple styleguide framework
  • domtastic Small, fast, and modular DOM and event library for modern browsers.
  • doxstrap JavaScript documentation generator based on JSDoc syntax, Dox parser, Twitter Bootstrap CSS, and Prism syntax highlighter
  • dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.
  • dyson-generators Fake data generators for dyson
  • dyson-image Image proxy and base64 generator for dyson
  • fix-sourcemaps Fix sources and file in sourcemaps
  • grunt-release-it Interactive release task for Git repositories. Optionally release a build to distribution/component repository.
  • hyte HYbrid TEmplating for the browser and Node.
  • jquery-evergreen Small and fast DOM and event library for modern browsers. It has the same familiar API as jQuery, and is lean & mean with small, optional modules.
  • release-it Interactive release tool for Git repositories. Increment version, commit, tag, push, build, publish to npm. Supports to build and release to a distribution/component repository.
  • requirejs-handlebars Simple Handlebars plugin for RequireJS.
  • reveal-md reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files.
  • undefaultify Post-processor for ES6-to-UMD transpiled modules, and you want to export "default" directly

5 Packages starred by webpro

  • commander the complete solution for node.js command-line programs
  • dyson Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.
  • express Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  • grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.
  • lodash The modern build of lodash modular utilities.