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  • backoff Fibonacci and exponential backoffs.
  • bookshelf A lightweight ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3
  • hapi-swagger A swagger documentation UI generator plugin for hapi
  • jjv A simple and extensible json-schema validator written in javascript. JJV runs in the browser and in the server (through node.js), it has no dependencies and has out-of-the-box AMD support.
  • lab Test utility
  • marked A markdown parser built for speed
  • ms Tiny ms conversion utility
  • node-zookeeper-clien... A pure Javascript ZooKeeper client for Node.js.
  • pygmentize-bundled A simple wrapper around Python's Pygments code formatter, with Pygments bundled
  • shutterstock Shutterstock API client
  • typescript TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development