11 Packages by shakty

  • descil-mturk API to connect to the Mturk-service offered by the ETH Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL)
  • JSUS JavaScript UtilS. Extended functional programming support. JSUS helps!
  • NDDB Powerful and versatile 100% javascript object database
  • nodegame Pre-configured nodegame-server with game examples
  • nodegame-client nodeGame client for the browser and node.js
  • nodegame-db Abstract DB interface for nodeGame
  • nodegame-mongodb MongoDB abstraction for nodeGame
  • nodegame-server nodeGame server for the browser and node.js
  • nodegame-widgets nodegame-widgets: Collections of useful and reusable javascript / HTML code snippets for nodegame-window.
  • nodegame-window Provides a handy API to interface nodeGame with the browser window.
  • shelf.js A modular, powerful wrapper library for persistent objects in the browser and Node.js