12 Packages by selead

  • amz Amazon EC2 cli on coffee-script
  • astream Format various object types to activity stream objects
  • bm-generator Generate bookmarklet project
  • lastname Package for search proper names in text. Can be used for incline some proper names.
  • market-req Market for oauth tokens, based on redis.
  • mongoauth lightweight OAuth token store with mongodb backend
  • node-ocr wrapper for abbyy finereader cloud api (now in beta).
  • node-pocket API bindings for
  • oauth-server Server, supporting OAuth version 1.0A
  • redis-session-store Plugin for connect app, that store sessions in Redis.
  • semantics Automatical text analysis. Text metrics. Search proper names/dates/expressions. Mostly in russian.
  • strack Console task tracking and bugtracking system.