15 Packages by seanhess

  • coffeepot Connect/Express middleware to dynamically serve coffee files as js
  • dependable A minimalist dependency injection framework for javascript (fully tested for node.js)
  • easy-cursors Cursors that work with normal objects. Works with React
  • express-functional-c... Some tools to make it easier to tie express routes to model functions
  • fjs Utilities for Functional Javascript
  • httpservice simplify proxying http services
  • immutable-history History tracking wrapper for Immutable.js
  • messagehub Simple message, queue and pubsub system compatible with RabbitMQ
  • mongodb-wrapper Exactly-like-the-console wrapper for node-mongodb-native
  • oauthsimple git://
  • object-versions Diff objects and merge versions to track object history
  • omniscient-tools A few tools to use with omniscient.js
  • typescript-tpm Typescript Definition Package Manager
  • xml-events An event-driven syntax for parsing xml streams with node-expat
  • xml-object-stream Low-memory streaming xml parser for node.js. Returns each node as an object. Uses node-expat