15 Packages by rubenverborgh

  • alzheimer Advanced memoization with promise and stream support
  • chai-things Chai Things adds support to [Chai]( for assertions on array elements.
  • eyeserver EYE reasoner server
  • git2prov Unleash the potential of Git in the new W3C standard for provenance.
  • hdt Native bindings to access HDT compressed triple files.
  • ldf Linked Data Fragments
  • ldf-client Linked Data Fragments Client
  • ldf-server Linked Data Fragments Server
  • n3 Lightning fast, asynchronous, streaming Turtle / N3 / RDF library.
  • negotiate A JavaScript implementation of proper HTTP content negotiation.
  • promiscuous A minimal and fast promise implementation
  • resourcecache Caches resources from a string or URL in local files.
  • sparql-parser SPARQL parser using rdfstore-js code, outputting an N3.js-compatible format
  • sparqljs A parser for the SPARQL query language
  • tsv-to-json TSV to JSON convertor

1 Package starred by rubenverborgh

  • pre-commit Automatically install pre-commit hooks for your npm modules.