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  • bengbenge bengbnege, array for round-robin dns, beng, beng. for funny
  • bumpup bumpup version of all dependencies in package.json to latest version
  • cca-delegate node module for cca (Chrome Mobile Apps) delegate to use programmatically on gulp/Grunt plug-ins and node modules
  • chrome-manifest Help you to manage manifest for developing Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • cloche Show/Hide all files on desktop on MacOS
  • cordova-linkto Change www-link of Cordova project
  • cspify Utility for Polymer, To avoid CSP issue. extract to external script file from embedded javascript code installed at bower path.
  • exec-then Child process execute with promise, deferred
  • generator-blacksmith Yeoman generator for blacksmith
  • generator-chrome-ext... Scaffold out a Chrome extension
  • generator-chromeapp Scaffold out a Chrome app
  • grunt-chrome-manifes... > Grunt task for Chrome manifest.json
  • gulp-chrome-manifest The gulp plug-in manages name/value in manifest of Chrome Apps or Extensions.
  • gulp-polymports Generator a HTML having HTML Import links
  • java-packagename-reg... Regular expresson for a Java package name. refer to [Java Naming a Package](http://goo.gl/Jp9l89)
  • mqttbot mqtt bot
  • next-promise Run a promised func sequencing by following order of params. This is inspired from [Q promise로 차례대로 비동기작업 실행하기 :: Outsider's Dev Story](http://goo.gl/Je3d8n)

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  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code