18 Packages by nebrius

  • commascript CommaScript is a backwards compatible dialect of JavaScript that provides localized static typing in JavaScript while still feeling like JavaScript.
  • incident-reporter Incident reporting system and hotline for events using Twilio
  • pi-lighting-nodebot Example lighting NodeBot controllable via a web interface for the Raspberry Pi
  • raspi Provides access to Raspberry Pi peripherals from Node.js
  • raspi-board Pin mapping functionality for the Raspberry Pi in Node.js
  • raspi-core This package is deprecated, use "raspi" instead
  • raspi-gpio Provides access to GPIO on the Raspberry Pi from Node.js
  • raspi-io A Firmata-compatible Raspberry Pi I/O API
  • raspi-llio Provides Node.js bindings to the WiringPi library for controlling a Raspberry Pi's I/O
  • raspi-peripheral Provides a base class and pin management functions for the Raspi.js library suite
  • raspi-pwm Provides access to PWM on the Raspberry Pi as part of the Raspi.js library suite
  • raspi-wiringpi NPM wrapper around Wiring Pi so it can be easily installed via NPM or added as a package.json dependency
  • simple-analytics A small-scale real-time web analytics server that only requires Node.js
  • taskman Provides a task manager for organizing and scheduling asynchronous operations
  • transport-logger A transport based logging mechanism for node.js
  • user-management User authentication and management for Node.js using MongoDB
  • wait-for-ip A simple Node.js library that waits for an IP address to be obtained
  • wp2ghostpp Takes the output of the Ghost Wordpress plugin and performs various post-processing to be more Ghost Blog friendly