17 Packages by morphar

  • block-scope A simple helper tool to create block scopes, that are easier to read than self-invoked anonymous functions.
  • cookie-tools Parse, manipulate and render cookies
  • event-logger EventLogger can be used for simple logging and audit logging - but also as a timer for test and debugging
  • extend-array Extend (prototype) the Array object with new features.
  • extend-date Extend (prototype) the String object with new features like trim, camelCase, shorten, etc.
  • extend-string Extend (prototype) the String object with new features like trim, camelCase, shorten, etc.
  • gevents An extension to node.js events, that adds global events through redis
  • increment-fire A simple way of keeping track of asynchronous events.
  • intercept-events Intercept (add listeners to) all events from events.EventEmitter.
  • multi-cluster Create robust node.js applications with automatic forking of multiple processes and multiple apps, signal handling and reforking. All in a couple of lines and without changing your existing code!
  • object-schema Object filter/schema for filtering, checking and validating javascript objects
  • password-checker Check passwords against different rules and word lists
  • phantomjs-server PhantomJS Selenium Server
  • pipe-lines A Stream pipe to split the stream into lines
  • redis-ns This module enables you to create Redis namespaces.
  • Thin wrapper library for websocket with a fat scalable polling fallback
  • stats-server Stats Server enables a webpage with stats for you app

2 Packages starred by morphar

  • fast-levenshtein Efficient implementation of Levenshtein algorithm with asynchronous callback support
  • natural General natural language (tokenizing, stemming (English, Russian, Spanish), classification, inflection, phonetics, tfidf, WordNet, jaro-winkler, Levenshtein distance, Dice's Coefficient) facilities for node.