15 Packages by manuelstofer

  • ahead An experiment with promises
  • component-installer-... Install components as node.js modules (Patched component installer.js)
  • foreach foreach component + npm package
  • json-pointer Some utilities for JSON pointers described by RFC 6901
  • koboldmaki Views inspired by backbone, built with components only
  • mapr map for objects
  • papply left and right partial application without context
  • qry MongoDB query compatible object match
  • repo Experimental real-time storage api
  • resolvr resolves a path in an object e.g. '' in {module: {name: 'resolver'}}
  • richardparker Simple template engine for two way bindings
  • sockjs-websockify SockJS connection wrapper. Makes connections more web socket like.
  • websocket-multiplexe... Multiple virtual channels over a web socket / SockJS connection
  • websocket-rpc-stream RPC over websockets with status updates.
  • ws-test ERROR: No file found!