1 Package by lwille

  • gphoto2 Node.js wrapper for libgphoto2

17 Packages starred by lwille

  • ab-tool A extension of Apache HTTP Benchmarking tool for Node.js
  • cluster-pool Cluster of pools for generic resources
  • dotfiles The first JavaScript-based dotfiles powered by Grunt.
  • easy-jenkins-jobs An easy way to create multiple Jenkins jobs based on a common name.
  • ee-class Fast prototype based javascript classes
  • express Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  • grunt-pause Pause the grunt task runner between tasks and choose to continue or break
  • heimdall API Guardian for Express
  • interfake A simple way to create dummy APIs
  • konphyg Cascading configuration files made easy in Node.js.
  • node-cpplint Validates C++ files with cpplint
  • raml2md RAML to Markdown documentation generator
  • trivial-port Node.js library to open serial ports for reading and writing
  • underpromise Functionally handle promises
  • unwire Dependency injection with 'require()'
  • webrtc WebRTC abstraction for making it simple to manage multiple peer connections of various types.
  • zongji A mysql binlog listener running on Node.js