15 Packages by jxson

  • beamer Sync directories to S3
  • beardo A mustache template utility for Node.js servers/ projects.
  • command-router A simple CLI router for apps with sub-commands (like git)
  • front-matter Extract YAML front matter from strings
  • haiku A work in progress, rough around the edges, static site generator
  • js-scrypt-em Emscripten-compiled Javascript version of scrypt, a high-quality password-based key derivation function.
  • mkdirp-stream A stream that creates directories via mkdirp
  • opal-cli The opal.io CLI client.
  • powerwalk Recursively walks a directory and emits filenames. Supports additional stat and read events (if you want them).
  • req-wants An http request decorator for simplified content negotiation.
  • rework-import A rework plugin to read and inline CSS files via @import
  • string-capitalize Capitalizes a string.
  • string-humanize Transforms the input into a human friendly string.
  • veyron
  • vom vom.js

12 Packages starred by jxson

  • browserify browser-side require() the node way
  • bunyan a JSON logging library for node.js services
  • cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server
  • cjson cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.
  • david Node.js module that tells you when your project npm dependencies are out of date.
  • hogan.js A mustache compiler.
  • mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework
  • moment Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates
  • nock HTTP Server mocking for Node.js
  • redis Redis client library
  • supertest Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers
  • through simplified stream construction