18 Packages by joehewitt

  • ajax Utilities for loading JSON and XML.
  • api.js Framework for HTTP REST APIs
  • app.js Packages Node modules as browser apps.
  • copper UI library based on ore.
  • dandy Error handling and logging utilities
  • datetime Date and time formatting
  • diskcache Caches data on disk and optionally in memory.
  • express-logger Express middleware for auto-archiving log files.
  • express-rewrite URL rewriting middleware for Express.
  • express-store Express middleware for caching responses on disk or in memory.
  • fool Fake object-oriented library
  • hascan Build tools for has.js.
  • markdom Markdown parser based on upskirt
  • mkdir Directory creation utilities
  • nerve Nerve blogging platform
  • ore Foundations for reusable web components.
  • scrollability Native-like scrolling for the web
  • transformjs Transforms JavaScript code.