17 Packages by jmanero

  • auto-package Dynamically generate package.json files for JS modules
  • cash-stream Streaming cache object controller
  • cranial Distributed, highly available discovery and environment data service for your distributed, highly available platform
  • express-delight Make your Express apps delightful
  • glyphicons-css CSS generator for the GLYPHICONS FREE icon set
  • jones Distributed data synchronizer
  • metanome Timeseries reporting framework for Graphite and OpenTSDB interfaces
  • metanome-syslog Metanome pluggin to count lines written to default syslog messages output
  • metanome-tail Metanome module for counting lines tailed from a file
  • nitro Volatile data storage engine
  • nsq-client An NSQ V2 client with HA-clustering and user-extensible message filtering/de-duplicating features implemented using native Buffer objects
  • qrly A highly extensible queue with proper asynchronicity
  • simple-request Simple wrapper of the native HTTP client
  • simple-uid A simple generator of probabilistically unique strings
  • stater A simple finite state machine
  • toque API wrapper for Chef Server
  • vector-sequence Execute a complex structure of tasks in the correct sequence

2 Packages starred by jmanero

  • libuuid link out to operating systems uuid_generate
  • node.js realtime framework server