11 Packages by jharding

  • confetti Promise decorator built on top of rsvp.js.
  • crayon Console wrapper that provides string formatting and colors.
  • express-csrf-local Express middleware for including the token generated by Connect's CSRF middleware in the locals object for templates.
  • fs-hogan Fork of hogan.js that falls back to file system for partials.
  • grunt-exec Grunt task for executing shell commands.
  • grunt-sed Grunt task for search and replace.
  • hnsearch Wrapper around HNSearch REST API
  • md-pre Command-line utility for quickly previewing Markdown locally
  • typeahead.js fast and fully-featured autocomplete library
  • yapa Yet another Promises/A+ implementation.
  • yapawapa Decorator for Yapa promises

2 Packages starred by jharding

  • grunt-exec Grunt task for executing shell commands.
  • underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.