13 Packages by hereandnow

  • breed Breed is a Helper Module which makes working with types and typeof easy as easy as it should be
  • grunt-akamai-rest-pu... Purging Akamai via their Rest Interface
  • grunt-jsmart Compile Smarty Templates with jSmart
  • imgseeker Finding an image for a given URL
  • lib-config-etcd config lib with etcd support
  • msghub A simple communication layer for inter-process communcation between mulitple worker processes
  • pa Pa is a command-line tool for reading and writing properties of your package.json
  • random-string Simple Module for generating Random Strings
  • server-cli Start a server from command-line in your current folder
  • simple-pool Simple Pooling Solution for a very simple distribution/loadbalancing of whatever you want
  • unique-shortener A redis-backed URL-shortener which only generates 1 short-url per url
  • url-append Append (additional) URL-Params to a given url
  • various-cluster easily create a mulit-cluster environment with different worker-types