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  • yeticss &yet visual style, branding assets and basic CSS components

11 Packages starred by fox

  • clean-css A well-tested CSS minifier
  • css-eliminator CSS dead code elimination
  • fuck-you (╯°□°)╯︵sǝssǝɔoɹd oʎ llɐ llıʞǝɓɐɹ
  • hacker-deps print out which hackers your application depends on
  • imageoptim-cli Automates ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini for Mac to make batch optimisation of images part of your automated build process.
  • jade A clean, whitespace-sensitive template language for writing HTML
  • lysergix MAKE FACES ((((((O))))))((((((O))))))))
  • marked A markdown parser built for speed
  • moment Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates
  • normalize.css Normalize.css as a node packaged module
  • stylus Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset