25 Packages by dtrejo

  • ampline amp up your command line — assign variables to output from common commands. a great complement to tab completion
  • authors print a markdown list of authors/contributors to your git repo, including github usernames
  • browserify-watcher watches a set of js files, bundles each with browserify into a bundle. uses browserify 1.x, currently.
  • cooler prints error stack traces with green for your code, red for the error message, grey for node core, and normal color for everything else
  • dtrejo David Trejo
  • fuzzyblanket sets up your project to use alexseville/blanket according to the node.js instructions
  • gss Golden Section Search for javascript. (a line search technique used to minimize or maximize the output a function, also known as `argmax`).
  • jotan makes it easy to stream json over tcp using netstrings
  • jqserve Utility that allows you to run arbitrary server-side jquery code against an html file before serving it.
  • json-streamify Streaming version of `JSON.stringify`
  • lazytemplating a single page app that makes it for ppl who don't want to code to write templates
  • neo-proxy A man-in-the-middle (mitm) proxy that impersonates the target site and allows you to modify the target's http response before sending it back to the client.
  • netstring A netstring implementation
  • npmbench benchmark each release of a node module published on npm against each other release using a small command line tool
  • npmbro irc bot that runs npm commands for you while you bro out
  • readmetree see every readme in your project. great for offline coding.
  • redis Redis client library
  • report Report test results to npm's test result listings
  • rotten figure out which branches in your git repository are rotten and haven't been merged into production in WAY too long.
  • run Reruns the given file whenever a file in the current working dir subtree is changed.
  • sesh super simple session middleware for node.js, even has optional 'magic' sessions which monkey patch the httpServer with one line!
  • tictoc a simple timer just like the one from matlab. tic() dowork() toc(();.
  • urn is npm down? install cached npm modules without an internet connection. Offline npm install like a boss.
  • vogue-dtrejo Auto-reload stylesheets in web browser whenever the CSS files are saved.
  • zk-mkdirp mkdir -p for ZooKeeper, using the `zookeeper` node module

1 Package starred by dtrejo

  • stylify browserify plugin for stylus