8 Packages by curious-attempt-bunny

  • fuego A GTP wrapper for Fuego - the Go engine
  • module-driven For the module-driven: quickly create a new node.js module based on a template folder in ~/.config/module-driven
  • noojle-parser Parses an npm package for its key API information
  • npm-package-latest Obtains the npm package metadata for the latest version of a package
  • pachi A nodejs Go Text Protocol wrapper for the pachi Go engine
  • proxies Use internet HTTP proxies from an online list
  • sgf SGF parsing for Go games
  • tgz Extract files from a tgz archive in node.js in memory - yes, this doesn't write to disk.

1 Package starred by curious-attempt-bunny

  • tracejs Expand Error.stack traces into usable objects providing context and highlighting